Belgium Committee

The Human Rights Watch Belgium Committee, founded in October 2013 seeks to increase awareness of local and global human rights issues and gather support for basic rights for all. Committee members meet regularly to learn about human rights issues and policies and support Human Rights Watch through outreach, advocacy and fundraising initiatives.

Membership in the Human Rights Watch Belgium Committee provides an inside perspective on one of the most exciting and effective international human rights organizations. Belgium Committee members have access to regular briefings by Human Rights Watch researchers and staff, and informed observers. These sessions provide a unique and sophisticated perspective on breaking news and today’s most serious global problems. Belgium Committee members strengthen Human Rights Watch and its global defense of fundamental rights by contributing financially, attracting potential supporters, and promoting the organization’s message and concerns.

Belgium Executive Committee

Mrs. Janneke Dreesmann-Beerkens, Co-Chair
Mr. Christophe Tanghe, Co-Chair
Mrs. Miene Gillion
Mrs. Alexandra Van Campenhout
Mr. Johan Vandendriessche
Mr. Boris Vervoordt and Mr. Michael Gardner

Belgium Committee Members

Count and Countess Christophe d’Ansembourg
Baron and Baroness Luc Bertrand
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boël
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Cavens
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Cigrang
Mr. Marc Dreesmann
Mr. Philippe Gillion
Mr. and Mrs. Laurent Legein
Mr. Jacques Halpérin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leysen
Mr. and Mrs. Laurent Mercier
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Monstrey
Mr. And Mrs. Amaury de Solages
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spitaels
Viscount and Viscountess Rodolphe de Spoelberch
Mrs. Patricia Tanghe
Mr. Xavier Van Campenhout
Mrs. Griet Vandendriessche
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Vervoordt

(List as of February 2020)

Senior Director, Development and Outreach Belgium: Caroline Ceska
Coordinator, Development and Outreach Belgium: Wietske Nijman